12 August 2010

Is Obama A Lame Duck Already? Fire Team Obama to Survive

*** Team Obama is floundering. Time to create a new White House team that is serious about good governing in tough economic times.

Obama presidency becoming a lame duck at a fast pace

From Denny: It looks like Prez Obama is at a crossroads for decision crunch time. Many Presidents find themselves in this uncomfortable position about two years into office when the midterm elections are looming large and look unfavorable. The team that helped get Obama into the White House is not the team who can keep him in the White House. It's clear to everyone in the Democratic Party - and the opposition party as well.

Wrong White House team thinks small and local - not national and international

This presidency looks to be shaping up negatively much like the Carter presidency in one glaring respect: he has hometown people with a small local political mindset trying to run an international government. It isn't working. The Chicago mindset doesn't work any better than the Georgia mindset did decades ago. Mr. President, you and I both know that God Himself has had a "Come to Jesus Meeting" with you for the past week and a half about firing most of your team. Write it on a rock and take it to the bank: if God is keeping you awake at nights telling you what to do and how to do it then get serious and act upon His recommendations. It's called your conscience.

Blood-letting at the White House: Fire Gibbs

It's time for a serious blood-letting at this White House. Lose Press Secretary Gibbs and his Deputy who have done a miserable job of getting out the Democrats' message. They have half-stepped every step of the way, thumbing through the Rove political playbook thinking they can fool their own Democratic voters. Just what drugs are they taking to be so foolish as to think their arrogance does not stick out all over them?

Fire Axelrod, wrong senior advisor

Lose Axelrod and his entire staff as they were the driving force of ruining your popularity. Now they have dug the grave on your entire historic presidency and it is about to be relegated to the history books as a serious negative. Axelrod never served you well from the very beginning.

Fire Emanuel: when the chief of staff has a bad attitude the whole team stinks from the head down

Lose Emanuel and his staff as, well, it's clear Emanuel is emotionally fried and just can't stay in politics anymore on any level. He's cooked; put a fork in him because he is done. When you go around spitting on your own Democrats then you have the arrogance to think "you are too big to fail." Wrong. November elections will prove it too.

Consider Tom Daschle as new chief of staff who can effectively advance your Democratic agenda

Replace Emanuel with former Senator Tom Daschle. Why? Because Daschle is known for several things that the current Team Obama is now lacking: finesse with the opposition party, cleverness in knowing how to outwit the opposition party and, most of all, he understands the whole point of being a politician is to be of service to the people you govern.

Right now you have an entire crew who mocks that honorable philosophy and are just about taking home an easy paycheck. You just can't tolerate that in these dire economic times. Change out the entire team. Let the White House blood-letting begin.

Be presidential: make the hard decisions

If you don't do these hard decisions of people you thought were your friends, then you sure don't need to go looking for enemies for you will have an entire political party of them - just like Jimmy Carter to this day. Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life in the political out house?

How to clean up this political mess of a presidency

While it's clear that you, Mr. President, never actually figured you would find yourself in this presidency so soon, well, you are here now and it's time to act like a President instead of a political animal. Start governing fast and furious in favor of the middle class and you will have no problem getting re-elected or restoring your popularity.

The negatives will become a distant memory for most people as they will focus upon all the good you managed to accomplish after a rough start in the beginning of your presidency. Today is the day for you to make the hard decisions. You have run out of time with the American people.

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