17 August 2010

Funny Video: Truth Is Bush Tax Cuts Are 30 Percent Of Our Deficit

*** Stewart mocks the usual GOP hypocrisy claiming the Bush Tax Cuts lower the deficit when actually they increase the deficit.

From Denny: Oh, the tangled web the Republicans weave. They keep pushing those renewed Bush tax cuts - all of it. Well, frankly, there are a few things in the tax cuts that were thrown in to appease the middle class like a $1,000 child tax credit and the like. When the Bush tax cuts expire that same child tax credit will drop down to $500 per child unless Congress does something about it.

There are other taxes that will skyrocket like capital gains and death taxes unless Congress does something about it to safeguard what's left of middle class wealth. Clearly, the top one percent of the country does not need such great tax cuts anyway. They aren't in home foreclosure to the growing tune of 20 million, or out of a job for two or more years to the tune of five million, with another 15 million out of work or trying to survive by living in their cars, paying rent in a church parking lot, out wandering the street - like in the tunnels under Las Vegas or in a tent city.

There are too many middle-aged baby boomers who have literally lost everything that they worked for and saved. They won't live long enough to completely rebuild their lifestyles to previous levels nor will they now be able to consider retirement. Congress did a number on working Americans by refusing to safeguard pension plans from corporate raiders the past 25 years since the Republicans took over Congress, squeezing every last dime out of taxpayers.

The huge shame of the Republicans has been their well touted Bush Tax Cuts that have sent middle class wealth to the richest Americans who still are so greedy they want more. The Republicans complain about the deficit yet it is their very Bush Tax Cuts Plan that has added 30 percent to the deficit in the first place - $300 billion. Want to reduce our deficit? Then let the Bush Tax Cuts expire.

America needs a vastly different tax plan anyway. As it stands no politician is willing to rein in Big Business nor force them to pay up. Well, at least the government has begun to chase down the tax cheats hiding their money in Swiss banks. That's a great start. Meanwhile, back at home, we need to take away tax incentives to Big Businesses that send American jobs overseas or import foreign workers to take American jobs.

Jon Stewart called out the Republicans on their stupid plan and constant political drumbeat to convince weak-minded Americans of their usual lies. Better yet, he showed clip after funny clip of contradictory statements by the Republicans about the deficit and taxes. Amazed at how two opposing ideas can exist on the same party platform, Stewart: "How exactly can you be for deficit reduction and extending tax cuts?" and then aired a clip where Sarah Palin argues for both in the same sentence.

Yet another bizarre confusing argument from LaLa Political Land is where the conservatives claim "The money the government earns in taxes isn't the same as the money they spend, so the tax cuts will not affect the deficit." These guys have been in Washington far too long for their own good. Throw the bums out. Of course, Stewart replies with a Goodfellas funny clip of the "F you - pay me" scenario. Because, as Stewart says, "The deficit doesn't care where the money comes from."

Yeah, and it's about time the wealthiest in America pay their fair share, the government collects from them what they owe, and the richest invest back into America with 22 million jobs to rev up the economic engine.

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