06 August 2010

Vision of The Gardener Prophet poem - Libations Friday 6 Aug 2010

*** 2012 begins early. Check out a poem of prophecy warning humanity.

Vision of The Gardener Prophet

The gardener stood at the window in the heat of summer
Gazing at the huge weeds growing stronger and larger,
Sprouting up proudly as tall and wide as the shrubs,
Crowding the beauty, smug, knowing they didn’t belong.
What was not theirs they chose to steal and own out of spite.

The gardener felt helpless, unable to tend the garden,
For the summer heat was too strong to work outside.
Day after day the gardener watched the weeds take over,
Praying for the beauty to survive the onslaught and
Then a break, a pouring rain came to drench the garden.

The gardener hurriedly went out into the cooling wet air
And began pulling the shallow roots, those showy weeds.
The gardener prayed as she pulled and threw them away.
The gardener prophet knew these weeds sprung up to stop her work
As she prayed for all the people of the world to do better.

The gardener prophet prayed as she worked, knowing that
“As below on Earth, so above in Heaven,” hoping this garden
Would influence and clean humanity of the great suffering.
She toiled with the stubborn and contentious weeds for hours,
Refusing to give in and allow beauty to wither and die.

Deep in thought, hunting down the very smallest new weeds,
Suddenly she looked up and there was an Angel appearing.
The Angel looked at her work in the garden and said,
“Tell the people their suffering has been heard in Heaven.
The culling of humanity begins not in 2012 but now in 2010.”

The gardener prophet wiped her eyes of the spattered mud.
Patiently, the strong Angel waited for acknowledgement.
“The Universe is speeding up the time table,” the Angel announced.
“Humanity is past due to reach the next level of development.
“Knowledge and wise teaching have spread the world to generations.

“Contentiousness, lack of compassion, greed and stubbornness
“Grow as weeds all over the world in every society and religion.
“Beauty struggles to survive, grow and thrive, yet can wither and die.
“The world is now again too full of those who choose to destroy, not build.
“And now Death comes stalking them two years early to clean the garden.
“Only Beauty is meant to walk the earth and thrive in the garden of Life,”
Spoke the Angel softly, and then the vision slowly faded from the gardener prophet.

Denny Lyon
Copyright 6 Aug 2010
All Rights Reserved

Photo Credits - All photos are from my garden and are by Denny Lyon, available under Creative Commons copyright with Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives license.

3 chocolate mint flowers in brush stroke effect Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Field of discarded weeds Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Huge dragonfly on window screen in glowing edges effect Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Bouquet of antique roses in colored pencils effect Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Chocolate mint flowers favored by hummingbirds, colored foil effect Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Purple leaves Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Blue plumbago shade plant Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Bumblebee on lilac chaste tree blossom Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Antique roses in saturated color Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

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