15 August 2010

Obama Blasted for Saying Religious Tolerance OK in America

*** Republicans try to turn the Constitution into an issue for the November elections - now they are against religious freedom for anyone not Christian.

From Denny: The Republicans try to twist and turn the truth any chance they get - and they go in front of the cameras smirking. They desperately want this comment about religious freedom and tolerance to blow up in the face of the Democrats. The Republicans should have stuck to the House ethics issue.

You can't one minute be for the Constitution and the next minute be against it. Gee, "Do ya think?" the Republicans are those Famous Flip Floppers??? :)

Prez Obama made the clear statement about everyone deserves the right in America to enjoy religious freedom of worship. He's correct. I also like it that he chose to make his statement - and clarification - on his own rather than through White House Team Obama proxies who always seem to screw up his message.

Those who are American citizens and own their own property have the right to use it as they will within the guidelines of the local ordinances. So what if they want to put up a mosque near Ground Zero?

Does it look insensitive? Well, yeah. Is it wise? I don't think so. Why encourage more religious or cultural hatred and practically paint a bullseye target on your chest? But look at it this way. There are a large number of really sleazy strip clubs in that area. Someone needs to pray about the morality of the area. It sure doesn't look like the Christian community stepped up. Maybe the Muslim community can do some good here. Any way you look at it they are American citizens who have the right to religious freedom. They have the right to live as first class citizens in their own country.

My suggestion to them is to invite all faiths to join them in this building. Provide offices for other religions and areas of combined worship or meetings, turning this project into more than improving Muslim relations with America. Turn it into an interfaith center.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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