09 August 2010

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Comments on Gay Marriage - Californigaytion

*** Jon Stewart questions and lampoons the lame CNN news interview when the gay marriage ban was lifted by a federal ruling.

From Denny: Talk about awkward. Sometimes, when a story like the lifting of California's gay marriage ban from a federal judge is in the news - the reporter's reaction speaks more loudly than the news story. A CNN news reporter goes looking for somebody gay to ask about their reaction to California's Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage struck down by a federal judge.

So, the reporter gets the "brilliant" idea of going over to an Atlanta, Georgia "known gay bar of a twenty year standing" to interview someone. Uh, why didn't he just call any number of gay political action groups for their reaction and an interview? You know, people who are familiar with the legal wranglings on the subject - but a gay bar at three in the afternoon? How lame.

Of course, the amusing response from Jon Stewart about the odd - and very awkward - interview, "Was that an interview or a gay speed date gone horribly wrong?"

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