21 August 2010

Obama Family Photos and New Michelle Obama Portrait Unveiled

*** Enjoy the new First Lady portrait and a few other well done photographs of the First Family.

* * * Update 16 Dec 2011:

Official First Family White House Portrait for 2011: The Obamas

New Smithsonian portrait

From Denny: Well, one good thing about the month of August, the country takes a break from screamer politics for a few weeks. This insufferable summer heat makes for quick tempers best left simmering in the shade sometimes. There are times when you really have to wonder about the so-called wedge issues that get promoted by callous political strategists in place of solving the country's serious problems like 20 million people out of work.

On the lighter side of politics is this new unveiling of the First Lady's portrait at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington. It's part of a new exhibit called "Americans Now" that features famous folks from science, business, government and the arts. President Barack Obama is also featured. However, this is the first time Michelle Obama's individual portrait - not just a family one or standing with her husband - has been shown at the gallery.

Who else is featured with the Obamas in this exhibit? Try actors Tom Hanks and George Clooney, and music artists Willie Nelson and LL Cool J and NBA star LeBron James. Video portraits of America's favorite late-night comedians include Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and David Letterman. You can view the portraits through July 2011.

Here are a few of the best photos of the Obamas:

Michelle Obama in 2009 - apparently the first First Lady to bare her arms fashion wise for an official portrait. She's probably the first First Lady to be so physically fit too! :)

Wonderful family portrait - a regular love fest with Daddy going on here! :)

Michelle on recent holiday to Spain for which she caught a lot of flak from the Republicans

Dancing at the Inaugural Ball for one magical night

* * * Update 16 Dec 2011:

Official First Family White House Portrait for 2011: The Obamas

*** How much do you think the new portrait looks like her?

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