04 August 2010

Speaker Pelosi Champions Unemployed, Orders House Back From Vacation

*** Speaker Pelosi relentlessly drives hard to pass two important bills: keep teachers in the classrooms and hire the unemployed out of work for two years.

Nancy "Give 'Em Hell" Pelosi takes no prisoners in Congress

From Denny: Go get 'em, Nancy! Now THIS is government at work! "I will be calling the House back into session early next week to save teachers' jobs and help seniors & children," Pelosi said via Twitter this afternoon. From CBS: "The measure extends programs enacted in the stimulus package, with $16 billion for state health care programs and $10 billion to help school boards avoid teacher layoffs."

Two bills: Medicaid, avoid teacher layoffs and funding for longest unemployed

What's going on? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered House members back to work to pass important pending bills, like first to pass a funding package for Medicaid and teachers. There's another bill in the Senate she is also motivating Senators to pass, most notably for the folks known as The 99ers, people who have been out of work for the past two years and no longer receive any unemployment benefits.

Congress was scheduled for an entire month on holiday during August while other Americans face horrific financial and employment struggles. Well, The 99ers got smart and finally organized as a political group. They have threatened to take their case to the polls in November. Now we're talking about getting the attention of lawmakers.

Unemployed for as long as two years: The 99ers

As you read this post, every day there are an additional 50,000 people who fall off the unemployment benefits roll because they no longer qualify after receiving benefits for the duration of 99 weeks. Unemployment is unprecedented in America since 70 years ago during The Great Depression. Big Business continues to insult the American worker, sending their jobs overseas.

Big Business continues to screw over The Middle Class worker

Big Business also imports foreign workers through unchecked visa programs like Microsoft set up with President Bush - and the practice continues today as Prez Obama has not stemmed the tide. That's where all the high tech jobs went: Americans got kicked to the side while foreign workers, willing to work for lower wages and no real benefits, filled the jobs in America. Gee, if billionaire Bill Gates of Microsoft wants to give away half his fortune like he claims, why doesn't he do something about the very mess he created where he displaced thousands of American workers every year for a decade?

Russia paid a visit to Silicon Valley to recruit back their tech people from America

You only had to watch the news a few weeks ago as the Russian President came to America to visit, you guessed it, Russian high tech workers in Silicon Valley. Clearly, Putin is trying to sweet talk the Russians home so they can reverse engineer our American technology for free. The Russian workers were suspicious and fearful of their President trying to woo them back home. Yeah, I would not want to go back to that after living in America either. The problem is that we have plenty of Americans who qualify for those high tech jobs and yet they are denied those same jobs because foreign workers on visa programs are filling them.

New unemployment Senate bill

Introduced by Senator Debbie Stabenow, Democrat, Michigan, and co-sponsored by Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat, New York, is a new bill to finally come to the rescue and help The 99ers. This bill extends unemployment benefits for an additional 20 weeks. They did not leave it at that as they have added incentives to the employers to get motivated to hire those who have been out of work the longest. As it stands, Big Business has ordered employment agencies to reject for consideration interviews anyone who is out of work. In order to get hired a prospective employee must already have a job.

Incentives for employers to hire The 99ers

The Hire Act will be extending tax cuts as well as increase tax cuts for an additional year to those businesses that hire these four to five million people currently out of work for two years. Now THIS is a great idea for jobs creation. Tax incentives + tax breaks = jobs creation. This bill is now called the Americans Want to Work Act.

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*** Update 5 Aug 2010: Senate Passes Bill to Save Teacher, Police Jobs - The House Reconvenes Next Week to Take Up $26 Billion Measure, which Won't Increase Budget Deficit. This just passed the Senate, preserving about 300,000 jobs across America by extending programs in last year's stimulus plan. It passed by the vote of 61 - 39. That was after months of stalling tactics by the heartless Republicans. The House votes on it next week for a final vote to send this bill to the President.

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