29 May 2010

Obama Cowers to BP: Rejects Super Tankers for Gulf Clean Up

*** From Louisiana blogger Denny Lyon: Bring on the Super Tankers for Gulf Coast oil spill clean up. Obama cowers to BP and accepts reasons not to do massive clean up.

Greenpeace in the UK protesting the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill

From Denny: After a positive appearing and grand standing political show courtesy of the White House on Friday Louisiana and the Gulf Coast is left with this Top Kill nightmare. We all knew the Top Kill method wasn't working when there was no word from BP within 24 hours. We all knew BP wasn't that serious about the Top Kill project when they took an 18 hour break without explanation. Either they ran into serious problems or just didn't want to spend the money. Somehow, 30,000 pounds of concrete doesn't sound like much to plug up the equivalent of an underwater volcano spewing oil. What kind of drop in the bucket insult is this?

BP downplays environmental disaster

Again, BP continues to downplay this environmental disaster, anger Americans, lie to the President and lie to the world about what they are doing. Just today, the Super Tanker idea of creating the equivalent of a floating oil refinery on the Gulf was revisited by Shell Oil CEO. The Gulf Coast residents have desired the Super Tankers get sent out ASAP a month ago and still BP continues to stall the idea. Again, they are being cheap.

BP lies about Super Tankers ability to help control oil spill by clean up

In this video clip, BP gives the lame explanation of it wouldn't work because the oil is coming up from the ocean in several places. These guys have been wrong on every step of this process. Why believe this to be true now? The Super Tankers are used to skim the surface oil from the entire area and separate out the ocean water from the oil. This explanation makes no sense and is just a stalling tactic.

What are Gulf residents supposed to do as their economy slowly dies because they can't make a living from the water any more? Why does this White House continue to not take seriously the prominent issue of oil clean up when they know it will be six months before the possibility of shutting off the oil flow? Whose advice are they taking over common sense?

President's visit to Louisiana on Friday

President Obama came down to Louisiana on Friday. He allocated a mere 30 minutes to local leaders to hear their frustrations. He ended up in a two hour meeting. Why did he not do this over a month ago when the military hierarchy was interfering with common sense emergency relief?

The President getting bad advice from White House advisers and BP

Surely now Mr. Obama now realizes how poorly and ineptly his delegated parties have not served the President. Any kind of Alpha leader would be down here on a weekly basis checking up on progress and breaking log jams of miscommunication, authority turf wars and logistic problems. It would appear that everyone involved in this situation is too cozy with BP.

Again, the President is getting bad advice from his politically motivated Chicago mindset advisers. They just don't see the big picture. This White House is frozen with fear, trying to placate Big Business because they believe they need the money for elections. The fear is so palpable and smells so strong I smell it all the way down here in south Louisiana. To say I'm disappointed in this President and his team is an understatement. They have let us down. They have let down America. They refuse to govern. They are too busy with their eyes on the next election and yet as they do so they are lousy at reading the mood of America.

The only advisor who is serious about safeguarding Americans is Press Secretary Gibbs who practically screams at the President and the team daily, sledgehammering to get past their wall of intense fear of angering Big Business. The one advisor the President should be listening to and acting upon his advice is the one guy who is sidelined by the others. Unbelievable.

Voters poised to bring about real change in America out of disgust

The fact that this White House is frozen about moving forward to make tough decisions and act punitively with Big Business tells me they are not true leaders. I'm sure the Republicans are laughing in their sleeves right about now. What neither political party seems to accept and fully understand is just how furious the American public is with our government.

The country is now poised to lurch to a hard left in their voting they are so disgusted with Washington. The Republicans, all moderates and conservatives, even conservative Democrats will be given the bums rush at the voting polls come November. The President has spit on his base repeatedly and now his left leaning base is putting in new people to push him back onto the path of actually doing something for the middle class.

White House too politically motivated and not governing

This political White House knows this to be true or they would not have tried to sideline Admiral Sestak in his run for the Senate in Pennsylvania. They view him as a threat to run against Obama in 2012. This is where their heads are instead of curing the ills of this country. By the way, gentlemen, Sestak is no threat to you. As a military man he is accustomed to being fanatically loyal to the office of the President. Read that as disciplined to be obedient. He isn't your problem. I'm your problem - and people like me.

Obama's advisers mollify him into complacency by telling him that those Gulf Coast people are just angry about the worsening situation. Again, none of them "get it." Everyone in America is angry with the Obama White House for the half-stepping and tip toeing around Big Business that is constantly costing the middle class their jobs, their lifestyle. Their whole world is crashing down around them while you fiddle with election ideas.

Mr. President, your current political advisers got you into the White House but they are clearly not capable of keeping you there. Either lose them now before your Presidency disintegrates before your eyes or grab a hold of them and put them on another path that is productive.

How ruthless business people operate effectively

Let me share a thought with you, Mr. President, continuing to cower in the corner while Big Business bullies you is not a pretty picture. I choose to differ with your statement that you are in charge for clearly you are not. You should be in charge but clearly by all the constant missteps you and your team still have not taken prove you do not consider this environmental disaster seriously enough. You can be angry at my words all you like. When do you and your team plan to start governing this country on a daily basis?

Here's the low down about ruthless people like the Big Business crowd. You think if you are nice to them then they will cooperate with you. You think if you don't press them then they will reward you with money for elections. You are naive. Do you know what truly ruthless people and business men do?

Here's what they do: The whole time you are making nice they are doing back room deals to bank roll your opposition. The whole time you are cutting sweetheart deals in their favor they are busy bankrolling the elections of any and all opposition. Every time you put up new legislation they hire an army of lobbyists to shoot it down and rewrite it for you. In the end, they also give money to all the politicians. They give money to everyone to hedge their bets, including the Democrats. The object is to spread around the money to see just how much influence and cooperation they can purchase.

The reality is that, in the end, Big Business will bankroll you if you do right by the American people or if you sit in the corner too afraid to lead. Big Business wants what it wants. And what is wants are two things: access to the President and influence over the President.

Time to lead America the right way

Just how long are you going to continue cowering? You are supposed to be the leader of the free world. You are the President. You command a million man army. You have a Congress and more to help you lead. Lead. And lead from the front - not the back of the room.

If you don't step it up beyond your current game your Presidency will be remembered as weak as rainwater: the Lukewarm Presidency. When you try to please everyone you end up looking like a milquetoast kind of guy that nobody likes in the end. It's better to err on the side of the American people and stand up for us over enabling Big Business to run rough shod over the economy and collapse it.

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A newly released NASA video as satellites trace the changes that have taken place in the Gulf of Mexico, showing the expanding oil spill. It goes to 24 May:

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