10 May 2010

Funny Video: Stewart Slams Media, BP, And Hypocritical Politicians For Oil Spill Response

From Denny: After a weak rather lame opening this video picks up steam and is funny. Stewart's strong suit is always when he places true news clips up on the screen to prove his point of political hypocrisy. Since I'm living in Louisiana, and everyone here is furious with BP's lame response and poor safety record, this video really does say it all. And Jon Stewart does a fine job of mocking just about everyone in sight for the lousy coverage and bizarre lack of speedy reaction to this environmental disaster.

The Fox News crowd has been trying to tag President Obama with the BP oil spill as "His Katrina." Pah-leez. Just like during Hurricane Katrina the Republicans are using a national disaster that could have devastating effects upon the national economy to try and make political points for the November election. What jerks.

With his sharpest jabs, Stewart really lampoons all the politicians who are running for cover now, denying their previous pro-drilling stances. He compares a collection of countless politicians touting the safety of off-shore drilling to "scientists in the first reel of a disaster movie." I'd say he's right on point.

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