28 May 2010

Peace Upon The Land poem – Libations Friday 28 May 2010

*** A Memorial Day poem to honor ourselves.

Peace Upon The Land

Have you ever noticed how a sense of Peace
Settles upon The Land this time of year?
People halt their usual daily routines.
All over the country we feast and celebrate,
Everyone happily enjoying time from work.

Lots of families pack up and go on holiday.
The kids are excited every time this year.
Plans are made; places are visited all in a rush,
Only to return again to the same daily hurry.

Everyone talks excitedly about what they are cooking,
Grilling in their back yards for this holiday menu.
Competitions abound for cooking festivals and neighbors
As to who has the best food everyone loves to eat.

Businesses sponsor special Memorial Day weekend sales
Hoping to get customers in the door and move the goods.
Customers are praying for a good deal they normally can’t afford.
The deals are struck and happy faces glow on sales days.

Memorial Day parades blare loud music while old and
Young veterans march by the yelling flag-waving fans.
Children laugh at the excitement; Parents jostle for a good look.
Veterans barely smile but wave as tears glisten on their faces.

Maybe this year everyone will begin the Remembering.
Someone will start the national conversation, the storyteller.
Maybe this year they will stop their hurry and raise their glass.
We will suddenly realize we are meant to be the protectors.

Meant to create stronger government, avoiding those wars
And change the holiday of visiting cemeteries to weep.
Maybe this year we will accept their sacrifices as our own.
We owe them a lasting Peace to settle upon The Land.

Denny Lyon
Copyright 28 May 2010
All Rights Reserved

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Thank you and have a great Memorial Day. Remember those who have fought for us and renew your commitment to fight for them. We are all one America.

Photo Credits

Flag waving at cemetery by Beverly & Pack @ flickr

Flags at Arlington Cemetery by The U.S. Army @ flickr

Central Park Memorial Day festival by Ed Yourdon @ flickr

Funeral flag by Beverly & Pack @ flickr

Child at the cemetery by ingridtaylar @ flickr

Human flag by marada @ flickr

Horns blaring at marada @ flickr

Grilling hamburgers by {nutmeg} @ flickr

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