01 May 2010

Whats Happening in America This Week: Wall Street Political Cartoons 1 May 2010

From Denny: One cool thing about writing on so many blogs, especially the news one (Dennys Global Politics) is that you get a great - and comprehensive - overview of what's happening in a culture in real time. Let me tell you: the whole world of regular peoples are mad as hell at all their governments. Why are they so angry? Government is far too slow in their response to pressing long term problems.

When they finally get around to addressing those problems it always ends up a weak fix. Then that opens up the flood gates for even more outrageous abuse by Big Business. Like what? Try the weakened health care "reform" bill. Our lawmakers sat down on the job and pulled out the public option from the bill.

Then they had the audacity to give this obscene long waiting period before reform kicks into place. Whatever happened to grandfathering in such clauses? That's true reform. This health care reform bill was a train wreck that accomplished little in the long run. Congress needs to go back to the table and ram the public option down the throats of Big Business to keep them in line with costs and how they conduct their business.

Now what? Breast cancer patients are being penalized right and left. One for getting two operations so now the health insurance company says she has to pay for any further operations. Never mind that she was paying premiums to these jerks for 17 years.

Another case in point just this week? A young woman was fired by her energy company because of she was tested for breast cancer:

Big Business to Employees: Get Fired If Get Operation to Prevent Breast Cancer

This week the news broke about how our SEC feds were busy warming a chair while watching eight hours of porn a day on government computers and burning DVDs. They were supposed to be watching Wall Street and their financial abuses, you know, it's called enforcing the law. It sure looks like there are too many Bush appointee holdovers in federal jobs that need to go. It's interesting how we have yet to hear if they are fired - just disciplined. Disciplined, how? Like pole dancing disciplined that the RNC so enjoys??? Somehow, that just isn't the punishment the American public had in mind...

Those Funny Racy RNC Republicans

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