29 May 2010

Whats Happening in America This Week: BP Oil Spill Cartoons - 29 May 2010

*** Boycott all BP companies worldwide. Check out the political opinion cartoons about the oil spill.

From Denny: "The British (Petroleum) are coming! The British (Petroleum) are coming!" is the cry throughout the land in America these days. I'm just as amazed as everyone else watching the news that this President actually takes the word of BP and takes their lead on decision-making from BP - all in the name of election donations.

President Bush sold out the American people to Big Business greed and, now, it looks like the first African-American President in history is doing the same. Obama is ruining it for any one of color or female gender to run for the Presidency after his administration. All he's done is give energy to his opponents who claim he is not up to the task of being a President.

As long as he and his team are cozy with Big Business it really will be "Washington business as usual." Anger burns in the hearts of all Americans right now as they have witnessed their jobs implode along with their savings, retirements and investment accounts all in the name of unbridled selfish Big Business run amok over the weeping faces of fellow Americans.

This President possesses a very weak will to corral business and political greed. Since the President or Congress won't do what needs to be done it's now time for the American people to do it in the voting booth. In every election - the primaries too, every two years for the House and every six years for the Senate, we must throw out every incumbent of both political parties tied to Big Business until the grip of Big Business upon our government is weakened and pried off.

It's going to take the next twenty years of an uphill fight by the American people to right the ship and get America back onto a more righteous path that helps the middle class. We must accept we will not receive any true help from our so-called representatives. What would be more to our voter liking is to impeach every person in government, make them all run a second time without Big Business funding to level the playing field. Let's push the re-start button for our government all over again.

BP oil cartoons and President Obama:

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*** Boycott BP photo by Rusty Boxcars @ flickr who started the "Boycott BP" flickr group.

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