10 May 2010

Funny Video: Colbert Lampoons Conservative Preacher and His Rentboy

From Denny: I tell you the political conservatives just keep on giving, don't they? :) This week the Christian conservative anti-gay activist, preacher George Rekers, turns out to be gay himself. Yawn: such a surprise.

Well, you know Colbert just couldn't leave this one on the side of the road. After all, Rekers' weak excuse to explain the presence of a male prostitute traveling with him was out in orbit it was so "out there." Turns out Rekers rented this young guy from Rentboy.com to supposedly carry his luggage around for him since an operation made it difficult for him to do it himself. Well, Rentboy.com sure doesn't look like a place to rent luggage-carrying bellhops by anybody's standards.

Of course, Colbert decided to "pretend rent" from the site for a dancing camera man in his studio, rippling with muscles: natch. A TV host has to keep up appearances - and keep up with the Joneses - uh, er, the Rekers...

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