13 May 2010

3 Funny Videos: Hilarious Betty White On SNL, Cartoonist Mocks Tea Party

Photo by tansan @ flickr

From Denny: Betty White is enjoying her tenure at Saturday Nite Live and on funny TV ads. The woman knows how to deliver a funny line. As an actress and comedian, who knew you would receive such cool accolades from the youngest generation and suddenly become popular in your old age? We all wish for that dream! :)

SNL gave her the spotlight for the monologue, after a Facebook campaign, and she put on her Betty White comedy track shoes and ran with it. She is almost 89 years old and still going strong.

In her monologue she referenced the Facebook campaign and basically ripped on Facebook as a total time waster with a "who the hell is facebook?" cheeky grinned comment. "In my day, seeing pictures of people's vacations, was considered a punishment."

Betty White and Tina Fey together wreck conversational havoc in a census worker and crazy resident sketch. Betty plays the role of crazy resident. Of course, she nailed it with her usual deft comedic panache. It's funnier than the monologue video!

This award-winning cartoonist loves to lampoon the political atmosphere and in this video his scorching sarcastic pen spears the mark. If there is one thing I like about gifted cartoonists it's their ability to do critical thinking. Take a listen and laugh as the Tea Party crowd is yet another recipient of the Bozo Sapiens Award... :)

Balms Away! by Mark Fiore

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