05 November 2009

Video: 4 Ecology, Environment, Conservation, Energy Stories

Artists raise awareness in Spain by painting garbage containers. Funny AND useful, now that's art, folks!

Saving stressed sea lions in Southern California. This guy has been doing this for ten years now:

Here's a "government takeover" story for the screaming right wing political guys. A Kansas town called Treece is too polluted from mining waste to inhabit so the government bought it. While the town is being cleaned up taxpayers are paying for the last 140 people to be relocated.

These toxic dumps exist all across America. For decades, we built low-income projects on them and then wondered why there were birth defects, high incidence of asthma and other conditions. For too long it was attributed to the cause of poverty.

The Republicans have never contributed any care or interest in cleaning up poisoned land where America's children live and play. After learning of this former mining town, it makes you wonder just how long the list is of other similar situations:

Obama pushes for overhaul of aging, nearly defunct, national energy grid with new clean energy. This huge effort will create a bonanza of jobs:

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