22 November 2009

All Libations Friday! Links List

From Denny: Since I recently found out that Blogger does not back up anything but the blog posts I realized I'd better make posts out of all the sidebar links to ensure they are backed up! :) Plus this is easier to put into a Word document as backup too since the code is already written. In case of some unforseen catastrophic failure and the blog is lost all you have to do is copy and paste these links back into another post to rebuild the blog. Good to know if you are a fellow blogger! :)

November 2009

A Man in Love - Libations Friday! 27 Nov 2009 - the struggle for love reunited.

Loving You - Libations Friday! 20 Nov 2009 - Sometimes, it’s a good idea to think back on a relationship to see how it began and what makes it work well.

Reflections of That Moment - Libations Friday! 13 Nov 2009 - Tough things happen to us or those close to us in Life and we struggle to regain our balance.

They Pull at Your Heartstrings - Libations Friday! 6 Nov 2009 - Is the News really Art? What pulls at your emotions when you watch a news story on television?

October 2009

Angel Diaries: Samuel - Libations Friday! 30 Oct 2009 - - real life angel experiences but did you realize it at the time?

Happy Birthday to The Social Poets Blog, Angels Bridge Poem for Libations Friday! 23 Oct 2009

Libations Friday! 16 October 2009 - How to have a lot of fun with a weird words list composing your own word story poem, 22 Weird Words Story: Oyez.

Libations Friday! 9 October 2009 - great photos, poem, Hunting Our Home, about the dilemma of whether we own our home or it owns us! :)

Libations Friday! 2 October 2009 - the sometimes arduous process of gestating that write for a poet or a writer, poem: Eyeing Think Time, fabulous art photos on the "eye" theme.

September 2009

Libations Friday! 25 September 2009 - Poem, Rain Blessings, about how Mother Nature - and we - are out of balance. So goes humanity, so goes the natural world...

Libations Friday! 18 September 2009 - poets, writers, musicians worry too much about commercial success, try a different perspective about your art, poem: An Audience of One.

Libations Friday! 11 September 2009 - poem about how to handle personal loss, Rock, My Children.

Libations Friday! 4 September 2009 - how our soul journeys through life with us, Soul Journey.

August 2009

Libations Friday! 21 August 2009 - photo rich poem about how people are like trees, People Trees, art photos are awesome!

Libations Friday! 14 August 2009 - Writing exercise in the form of a Simile Smile: Poem about us and summer changing into another season, Louisiana Summer Sigh. Coffee talk about how other cultures take their coffee, will surprise you!

Libations Friday! 7 August 2009 - Great historical, sometimes hysterical, coffee trivia, funny video using rap words to sell a car, original poem about how our words create our life, Life of Words.

July 2009

Libations Friday 31 July 2009
- Coffee Ice Cream Cooler recipe, funny birthday quotes, birthday poem for an abused person, You Are Worthy Every Day!

Libations Friday! 24 July 2009 - Coffee shake recipe with Louisiana coffee and original dream sequence poem, Flinging Dirt.

Libations Friday! 17 July 2009 - Cold spiked coffee recipe, funny video about getting a coffee in a recession and a poem about winning against the current recession, Poetry of Life.

Libations Friday! 10 July 2009 - Video of how astronauts drink coffee from an open mug in space and a short essay about the CIA on why it is important to write in order to change the world as you know it, Why I Write,plus a couple of great quotes.

Libations Friday! 3 July 2009 - Poem about Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson: Talk About My Life, writing exercise of how to write poetry biography, Mexican coffee recipe

June 2009

Libations Friday! 26 June 2009 - Writing exercise of writing the ridiculous to blow off steam and tension of writing expectations: Totally Ridiculous Comedy: Jacks Nightclub, recipes for Cold Chai Cocktail, Cold Caffee Shakerato in a martini glass

Libatons Friday! 19 June 2009 - Poem to mark significant world event, of New Millennium blessing: Ode to People of the New Millennium: A Blessing - 3 coffee art videos

Libations Friday! 12 June 2009 - Playing with your words visually like little kids play with their food - poem, Eye I, write something fun and silly that can be interpreted on several levels, various expresso drink recipes

Libations Friday! 5 June 2009 - Pear Ginger Coffee Cake and Low-fat Expresso Coffee Frozen Yogurt recipes, parable poem, Bitter Romance in the Garden, about relationships and humor found in a bitter romance with poison ivy.

May 2009

Libations Friday! 29 May 2009 - Denny's Expresso Cocktail recipe, fantasy blue dragons poem, Primordial Dragon.

Libations Friday! 22 May 2009 - Cocoa Caliente adult hot chocolate recipe, poem, What Do You Like to Write? Talk to We! - writing on deeper levels of understanding

Libations Friday! 15 May 2009 - Two Coffee Martini recipes, how to write acrostic poems, examples, original funny one caled POETRY.

Libations Friday! 8 May 2009 - Peppermint Coffee Cream and Coffee Yogurt Drink recipes, funny poem, The Husband Who Cleans, about husband and wife relationship

Libations Friday! 1 May 2009 - Creamy Irish Coffee and Coffee Punch recipes, original poem, A Chinese Birthday Favor, about honoring others as well as self, understanding and benefiting from different cultures

April 2009

Libations Friday! 24 April 2009 - Hungarian Caffe and chocolate covered coffee beans recipes, original poem, The Long Road, about how friendships benefit our health and take time to stop our busy lives to help others.

Libations Friday! 17 April 2009 - Mochacinno Diablo coffee recipe, Haiku style poems and great quotes from, bio highlights of famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson

Libations Friday! 10 April 2009 - Cappacino recipe, Ancient poems from North America: Incas, Aztecs and Mayans

Libations Friday! 3 April 2009 - several videos demo Flaming Spanish coffee, Keeping The Peace: original poem about how Peace is achieved in this world

March 2009

Libations Friday! 27 March 2009 - Coffee Prayer, coffe poem about the French Quarter of New Orleans, coffee cartoons, recipe for ice cream coffee

Libations Friday! 20 March 2009 - Poem about the Art of Waiting, Hurricane Katrina, Mediterranean Hot Coffee Recipe

Libations Friday! 13 March 2009 - Poem by social issues poet Langston Hughes "Let America Be America Again," recipe for Keoke Coffee

Libations Friday! 6 March 2009 - Haiku style poem "On the Whim of a Grin," coffee recipe Dennys Version Arabian Style Hot Coffee
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