24 November 2009

All TSP Blog Followers From Blogger - What to Do When Follower Gadgets Dont Work on Your Blog

From Denny: Since I just found out this week that Blogger does not back up any of the sidebar or other boxed links and the like, only backing up blog posts, I've decided to make posts out of everything carried as links. But hey! I've also finally figured out after a first year blogger that by doing it this way, now it will condense down the number of links necessary in the sidebar. All I will require is one link to a post containing many links! Yay! In so doing the additional benefit is the page should load better so that's a happy day for you my lovely readers! :)

Can I also tell you that I've given up on the Followers Gadget from Blogger and Google Connect which don't work on any of my blogs for no reason? So, as usual, not one to be too patient and wait forever (6 months is long enough) I came up with this bright idea.

If you wish to be one on this Big Cat Someone "A" list of special people just decide to follow on Blogger - even if you are not a Blogger platform blogger. I'm linking to this blog's followers to their original bio page. So, whatever link you place there is where people are directed. Hopefully, you do have a blog. :)

OK, here's the recent "A" list folks; click on them and visit their sites and blogs too. Thanks for joining and visiting The Social Poets, much appreciated!

Nina P @ Blogger (New York, USA) - Nina P's Thoughts and Musings

mysticdave @ Blogger (Utah, USA) - Mystical Poetry, Prose, and Political Viewpoints, Mystical Musings and Politics, Live Mystic Music

CJBeige @ HubPages - fellow poet

Neva Flores - talented fellow poetess well established on StumbleUpon!

Editor in Chief Changing Crow @ Blogger (California, USA) - Changing Crow & Co.

PoeticHeart @ Blogger (South Carolina, USA) - PoeticHeartPoetry

snookiecollins @ Blogger (Ohio, USA) - Small-town girl Livin in a Crazy-jacked uP World...

Jim Spaulding @ Blogger (New Mexico, USA) - In The Garden of the Sun, Poetry: The Form of Sound Reloaded @ Wordpress

himalman @ Wordpress (Ireland) - Himalman’s Weblog, EVEREST, Himalman on wspinacze.pl

PURPLE STAINED SKIN @ Blogger (Tennessee, USA) - Purple Stained Skin: Reading and Writing Poetry

Md. Shamsul Huda Mishu @ Blogger (United Kingdom) - Health Advice for Good Health and Life

Susanna Musial @ Blogger (Alberta, Canada) - lotus11loveforwordsandmusic and zuzannablog

PeacefulWmn9 @ Blogger (Michigan, USA) - A Beautiful Distraction, Older and Bolder, Inside Out: Tales From the Foot of the Bed

Eliane Jany Barbanti @ Blogger (Brazil, South America) - Louvor a Deus, Núcleo de Psicologia do Esporte e Exercício Físico, Fitness

Vibeon Da-One @ Blogger (California, USA) - VIBE JUICE

xox Becky xox @ Unforgettable Moments poetry blog

just4meana @ Blogger (Palestine, Jerusalem, Israel) - Many Softwares

tomo3379 (Japan) @ tomo3379 Interior Portraits blog

Kayar Silkenvoice (San Francisco, California, USA)- adult content - Silkenvoice Erotica

dali48 - Germany - (blog open to invited readers only)

˚† @ Blogger - friend and reader of blogs

Harry Seenthing @ Blogger gone dot com (Indonesia) - Seen Thing.com

B'jue Corner @ Blogger (Malaysia) - bjue

Marcos Paulo - loves to read blogs... :) (thank you!)

Additional TSP Followers (following anonymously, you know who you are, you sweet souls!): 9

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