07 November 2009

Funny Editorial Cartoons 7 Nov 2009

From Denny: There was a lot going on this week but health care reform continued to dominate. The public is finally waking up to the tactics of the Republicans and their lobbyists who unceasingly run anti-health care reform TV ads in my state with the usual suspects of scare tactics.

Basically, the cartoons revolved around the concepts of how no one wants to be labelled as a Republican, how the Republicans have deceived us on health care reform, how Obama looks too weak on restraining Big Business, Banks and Wall Street, Hillary on the move dealing with world behavior problems and how perplexed the average American is feeling these days with their lives falling apart.

There were so many good cartoons I'll continue the rest of them on Monday's post with the late night show quips roundup.

How the Republicans are perceived by the American voter on health care:

Gay marriage law died in Maine, one of the most liberal states in the Union. My guess is that while the public is fine with the lifestyle choice they aren't fine with the educational materials that came into the school system of books like Heather Has Two Mommies.

When 1% of the population starts trying to dominate the majority then there will be pushback. Had the gay rights folks not pushed on the majority in such a militant manner they would have already received their equal rights to marriage.

While it's understandable gays don't want hetero lifestyles pushed onto them they have to consider the reverse and not push the gay lifestyle onto the heteros. No one likes to be pushed around or dominated against their will. When people in America on both sides of any political, gender or religious issue finally understand and accept that to be true they might actually create break-throughs for equality legislation that benefits everyone.

Republicans trying to rebuild their political party and can't find any takers. People have abandoned them like rats off a sinking ship.

Many of them finally woke up and realized they had screwed themselves out of a decent paycheck, a regular job and truly lower taxes locally and state wise - because these went through the roof under the Republican Bush years - who threw all the national taxes (which were cheaper to centralize) to the local and state levels.

Under the Democrats the nation pooled their resources and taxes were cheaper on the local and state levels, try 50% less in my area. The average middle class person also paid an additional $5,000 to $7,000 extra national taxes during the Republican Bush years. And these guys have the nerve to scream about how the Democrats are raising taxes?

BTW, voters identifying themselves as Republicans have fallen to a low of only 19% and falling - from a previous 56% during the Bush years.

The average guy's experience when he goes to the bank:

Our Wall Street "buddies" and their "intellectual" business strategies:

Senator LieberBush in the pocket of Republican Big Business lobbyists (Senator Lieberman from Connecticut). Sadly, Lieberman started out in politics as a really decent guy who was doing the right thing by people. He stayed in Washington far too long and was seduced and destroyed by the atmosphere:

Obama's weak attempts to restrain and corral Wall Street, Big Business and Banks:

The never popular Republican Gingrich who was forced to resign as Speaker of the House, who started in politics in 1978 and started America on the destructive course it's been on for the past 30 years: getting rid of all the laws that restrained and regulated Big Business and Banks from raping the taxpayers' wallets and jobs:

This one brings to mind the shock-jocks and diarrhea-mouths of talk radio like Rush:

Climate change fools who just don't get it:

Hillary in Pakistan. I have 3 words to say, Go! Hillary, Go! :)

Ziggy as the average guy who plays by all the rules, votes but gets his vote thrown out by cheaters, goes to war for his country and can't get decent health care or a job when he comes off the battlefield, puts his money in the bank and then gets screwed with excessive interest rates on his credit cards is left wondering who is going to protect him:

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