28 November 2009

Editorial Cartoons Roundup 28 Nov 2009

From Denny: Cartoons about Thanksgiving were great as I especially enjoyed the first two about turkeys, one on the run and the other in denial of the big day. The third one really says it all: Uncle Sam is Tapped Out, Folks of the World! George Bush saw to that bankruptcy!

While Sarah Palin tripped off the news radar this week there were plenty of other odd GOP folks for cartoonists to lampoon. Palin got shot off the news when Fox News aka Liars News had to repent and finally fact check her only to discover she was lying about all her claims in the book. There is a reason the book is titled "Going Rogue," and it isn't about being angry - more about seeing how much money you can rake into your wallet with absurb outlandish lying as a profession.

The biggest theme in cartoons this week developed into images of how perplexed are the American people. Take a look:

And why do the Democrats even waste their - and our - time trying to sweet talk a bunch of demented people who lie about and hate the other 80% of America?

Bringing terrorist to trial is better than holding political prisoners indefinitely. Besides, these guys are murderers and some decision needs to be made about their status:

With global swine flu comes the changing of the Santa tradition:

Why it should even be controversial for people to give a damn about the health of their fellow countrymen and women is beyond me... What has happened to the decency in this country?

The Real "Average Joe" in America feels like he or she has been run over by an 18-wheeler truck that stopped, backed up in reverse, parked on his or hers chest, proceeded to let the air out of the tires to keep Average Joe pinned down, and then left the truck and walked away without calling for help. It really makes you wonder who the real Turkey of the Year is - the American people - considering the toxic leftovers from the Bush-Cheney political waste dump where Obama is drowing in their red ink:

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