10 November 2009

Musicians Are Territorial Animals, Funny Post by David Thomas

From Denny: All hell broke loose this morning, the mouse laid down and died, the computer mouse, that is... :) Fortunately, this girl is almost always prepared and had a new guy waiting in the wings (or the office supplies closet, really, such a drama queen!).

Of course, the little dramas in Life meant I'm late on the posting of the day. Since I was late anyway I went to go check the usual suspects like new Twitter folks to add. I find if I check every day, as I actually go to each and every page to see if they are real people, it's easier to keep up. There are also some real gems waiting on the other end of that computer connection and today I found one in particular I think you will find yourself chuckling at long after you have finished the read.

We have musicians in our family too, one is a classical trumpeter. Since she lives out of state I don't get to really peek into her world of rehearsals and see the music culture. Well, this clarinet teacher and classical musician, David Thomas, showed up on Twitter for a friend add so I went to visit his blog. What a funny talented guy he is! And hey! he's available for music lessons too.

Section by section in the orchestra he profiles the musical instrument personalities and odd quirky habits, all in the course of one rehearsal day. People - and their idiosyncrasies - always make me laugh! Take a look:

Here's a short excerpt from his post:

"People think musicians are sophisticated, cultured creatures.

Yes, of course we are. At least in public.

Behind the scenes, though, we are animals. We may act polite, but don’t get in the way of a musician who has delineated his or her territory.

In my section, the second clarinetist will politely push away any stray objects which have slid or flopped into his circle of peace. He often comes to rehearsal early to push up all the chairs of the row in front of us. That way, when those players inch back they end up where they started the day before. He is always quiet about it. When another player crosses the line, he will bide his time and move them (or their “stuff”) at the first opportunity..."

*** You have got to read this funny post, Musicians Are Territorial Animals, go here!
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