19 November 2009

Check Out This Wonderful Poetry and Musings Blog From a Young Writer

From Denny: Today I found a delightful blog written by a young woman in India. She made me laugh when I read she was only 18 years old and already writing her memoirs. Somehow, you think that stuff is the realm of the elderly in their 90's. Of course, it's the kind of thing I did at that age too so it was easy for me to see the old soul in her.

She will definitely end up a popular writer in her own life time at the rate she is going while she is perfecting her writing craft. Here is a sample of some of her very good poetry as well. Be sure to pay her blog a visit! I also placed a link to her over at The Social Poets Fav Bloggers.

A Wanderer's Thoughts...

One of her poems: An Inner Revelation
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