01 November 2009

Lampooning the News Editorial Cartoons 1 Nov 2009

From Denny: Well, you know those lame pilots would get a scouring this week from the cartoonists. We all find it hard to believe the pilots were just checking duty rosters and personal emails, right... probably watching porn sites as that is the only thing that distracting to overshoot your destination by 90 minutes.

Swine flu vaccine inventories is still low as the various companies in and out of America struggle to produce it in large quantities. It can't be cultured in egg product like most vaccines so the process is far slower. This cartoon is funny as a "Missing" Poster for the vaccine. They ought to do a cartoon of it as MIA as well.

How goes the Afghanistan War? Just today Karzai's challenger, Abdullah Abdullah (who gives their kid the same name twice?), suddenly withdrew from the election runoff. Hmmmm... "do ya think" that Karzai promised him a cut of his brother's drug trade? Guess it worked for him!

George Bush's economy continues careening on a stingy strategy to keep on taking away jobs and health care... while Glenn Beck and RNC bloggers (just ran into one at MyBlogLog today) continue to be pro-life for a fetus and tell the rest of us they "don't care if we live or die, screw you, you don't deserve affordable health care."

Obama and the whining media: Treat them well and they trash you; treat them badly and they respect you (George Bush 101 - well, at least he was good for something!)

Congress and Big Business:

A huge grumbling in America that Obama caters too much to the Republicans who don't vote for anything he proposes anyway nor do they believe in civility:

Speaking of politically obnoxious and disrespecting the voters:

And since today is All Souls Day, what kind of blog would this be without a St. Peter Heaven joke?

This is a bit blurry when blown up to a larger image, it reads: left arrow sign says "wrong religion entrance" and the right arrow sign reads, "right religion entrance." And the angels are saying, "The funny thing is, they never get the joke!"

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