21 November 2009

This Weeks Editorial Cartoons 21 Nov 2009

From Denny: It was a busy week in the news, the kind to lampoon. Women were up in arms throwing rotten tomatoes at some fed panel without qualified specialists deciding to change cancer detection guidelines for breast cancer. Women just feel like they are short-changed by the insurance companies.

Terrorists are finally getting tried in some kind of court whether military or civilian, starting with the controversial New York trial to begin soon.

Health care legislation continues to wind its way down the halls of Congress. Asking these guys to do the decent thing by the middle class has become an act of Congress...

Prez Obama's trip to China and Japan was a bit controversial when Americans saw that deep bow to the Japanese emperor and then no reciprocal similar greeting to Obama as a head of state. Of course, China is a sticking point ever since Prez Bush made them our banker. How do you tell off your banker? Answer, you can't.

Oh, and the GOP continues to disintegrate as dementia specialists. Bringing up the rear is weird Palin selling a book of lies, even in the face of factual emails to prove they are lies. Unbelievable. What is more unbelievable is that the book is supposed to be number one on the best seller list. Oh, come on, folks, just how stupid do you really believe everyone really is? The top 4 money guys for the Republicans have a history of buying up large blocks of book printings just to make their dog in the show look more important than they really are. Palin is no exception.

Here's the week's cartoons, enjoy!

New York petitioned the feds to try the idiot terrorists in New York courts. Opinions are divided: some want the revenge of trying the terrorists on New York soil, others are worried about bringing terrorists onto American soil from Gitmo. Note to "selves" worried about bringing terrorists onto American soil: get real; there already are terrorists on American soil, many of them home-grown domestic ones like Timothy McVay and other white supremacist groups.

Women were not happy about the change in breast cancer health care guidelines from a panel without a breast surgeon or a cancer specialist weighing in:

The continuing health care struggle just to legislate basic decency back into this country:

The GOP on slow decline self-destruct:

An exercise in greed and poor political judgment, The GOP Palin Nightmare:

Here are a couple of news links of the latest Palin weirdness:

Anger, disappointment after Palin stiffs fans at Indiana book signing

Fox uses 2008 rally footage to claim Palin getting huge crowds on book tour - and this is why Fox "News" is known as Liars News.

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President Obama's trip to China and the reminder these guys bought up our debt who President Bush was only too willing to sell them, encouraging Americans to go deeper into debt. Remember the slogan when terrorism struck back in 2001? Bush declared to America, "Go shopping!" That was his idea of how to keep the economy from crashing after a national disaster: make the little people pay for it. Put the middle class in the poor house. Now that's a plan all the while calling their political party the party of fiscal good sense...

Meanwhile, back in the real world Obama is left with the balancing act of a relationship with human rights abuser China also as our banker.

The state of jobs and the American economy:

And America's favorite villain of the moment... It is disgusting how Congress has yet to get serious and take these jerks to task:

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