06 November 2009

They Pull at Your Heartstrings Poem - Libations Friday! 6 Nov 2009

*** Is the News really Art? What pulls at your emotions when you watch a news story on television?

From Denny: As I've been catching up posting on all my blogs (too many interests) it struck me as a poem idea to take a look at the News - and if it could actually be classified as a kind of Art.

That's what you get for saturating yourself sifting through and reading too much content as a blogger I guess... :) Your mind goes off onto the weirdest tangents.

And that's why God invented poetry. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. He knew writers needed a condensed form to get out those burning life questions. :)

What's your take on the News as Art?

They Pull at Your Heartstrings

At the end of the day you sit down to watch the news.
There are stories to make you squeamish and uncomfortable.
Stories to horrify, displaying mankind’s depravity…

You sit there watching the world in chaos or harmony.
There are stories to make you feel sad and still more
Stories to make you feel angry with outrage.

You watch the day’s news, wondering if it’s called Art.
All the stories evoke a full range of emotions in a swirl.
There are stories of compassion and charity to make you glad.

You watch from a culture away as girl brides light themselves
Afire to escape abuse from the hands of their loving husbands.
You watch from your comfortable home as your countrymen and women
Give of their hearts and wallets to help children on the other side of the world.

You watch as another culture of women struggles against severe abuse and crimes
To grow strong with confidence, education and smart with new life options
So, one day they are the ones sitting in a comfortable home watching the news,
Waiting for their chance to help someone else a world away, suffering and in need,
Cheering them on to success, praying they experience a long, fruitful life.

Denny Lyon
Copyright 5 November 2009
All Rights Reserved

Abused Girl brides in Afghanistan:

NBC News viewers rush donations to Afghanistan orphanage:

Young Afghani girl at the orphanage interviewed about her future and her dreams:

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Photo Credits

Afghani schoolgirl with book photo by The Advocacy Project @ flickr

Afghani schoolgirl at chalkboard photo by The Advocacy Project @ flickr

Soldier holding Iraqi baby photo, no attribution available

Blue ice heart melting photoshop photo, no attribution available
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