26 November 2009

Making A Difference - Moms Helping Moms

From Denny: This is known as the Rockin' Appalachian Mom Project where a woman from Connecticut decided to do something in Kentucky to help out impoverished families in need. This was not a one-time donation but a promise to stick with them for as long as it takes.

This part of the country helps deliver coal but also at a terrible price: often early death or cancer. Many young mothers are widows in the Kentucky and West Virginia region. It's a catch-22 situation where people have to decide that to survive they take the jobs - and with the jobs comes pollution, ill health and cancer. A tough dilemma for anyone.

This story is heart-warming and especially poignant during the holiday season.

This clip is a web-exclusive and gives a more in-depth interview. You really have to take your hat off to these wealthy women getting in there with a hands-on attitude to helping other women.

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