23 July 2016

Saturday Special: Comic Seth Meyers Analyzes GOP Convention As Intellectually Obscene Screw-Up?

From Denny:  Have you ever actually Googled the Donald Trump memes?  Unbelievable.  It's like visual diarrhea on steroids.  Same for Hillary Clinton memes.  The mocking community is in full overdrive for the 2016 election cycle on both sides of the political aisle.  As usual, it's more personal than substantive.  Forget about it there is anything useful for a voter to intelligently decide the best reasons of who should lead this country.

Watching some of the GOP convention is a lot like those memes on steroids:  nothing useful for the country, just a bunch of screaming and streaming garbage that has nothing to do with governing a first world country.

The Republicans just keep trotting out these intellectual obscenities one after the other.  Their mistake was that the comedy community was listening.  Check out what Seth Meyers had to report - very amusing: 

Freaky Friday: Comic Jimmy Fallon Mocks Donald Trump GOP Convention Entrance

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