16 June 2009

Visual Racist Propaganda From The GOP

From Denny: Have you seen the latest racist garbage coming out of the GOP? They claim this is actually funny and refer to it as an "Historical Keepsake Photo." Unbelievable. Look at the "photo" in the bottom right hand corner to catch the visual propaganda.

I live in a Republican state AND it's the South. I know damn well what they are really saying here. CNN calls it white eyes on a dark background. How tame can you get? What the GOP racists are really saying is "Look at the spook in the White House!"

Some fool actually had the stupidity to write a comment into CNN claiming "everyone should just get over it because he thinks it's funny." He's from Arizona, a GOP state. Hmmmm...

This GOP war room is quite active these days and as nasty as ever. With them it never is about real issues but rather about character assassination. Hate speech has to be stopped dead in its tracks. Blowback! If you agree, write CNN and complain like thousands of other bloggers!

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