30 June 2009

A Spiritual Perspective: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009Image by bernissimo via Flickr

From Denny: Most of us enjoyed the King of Pop's music and dance as much as we agonized over the mess in his personal life. That kind of abuse is difficult to heal and you have to be motivated to the point of treating healing like it's an extreme sport to accomplish it. It can be done. Unfortunately, MJ continued to interact with his abuser and, over the decades of not healing, it drove him to drug addiction to avoid the flashbacks of PTSD. Then the toxic long-term effect of the drugs created the ensuing bizarre acts.

I did manage to find some of his videos that were not disabled over at YouTube and embedded them in the sidebar. Already the family is fast-acting to make money off a dead artist who hasn't even been buried yet. Sometimes you really wonder about the crassness of your own culture...

When I was watching his earliest videos it struck me how much he had grown as a dancer, an artist and a producer. Initially, he began by creating the scenarios, designed the set, created the dance choreography. Then, like the director Hitchcock, he would quickly inject and then exit himself from the scene. He reminded me of the fast flutter by of a hummingbird. As his confidence and ability grew he developed a longer dance scene for himself as part of the crowd. By the time of the early 90's like in Black and White he had hit his stride for visual expression on all the levels.

Moon Walking Series Photo by tipoyock @ flickr

Whether it was conscious or not, Michael had started really getting in tune with his spiritual energy. I noticed how he was moving Chi energy during his dance. When you observe others imitating his dance moves the Chi movement isn't there as that is what set Michael apart and made him so attractive to others. Granted, he spent years studying dance films of many other great dancers and put in the hard work to perfect his own moves. The Chi movement explains the smoothness of his Moon Walk and his fluidity of dance.

Lately, I've been reading in the mysticism area of the Kabbalah. It struck me how the Kabbalah talks about spiritual energy distortion. Michael Jackson immediately came to mind. Because he had not fully healed of past trauma he was unable to fully express and cooperate with his given spiritual energy - in Christian circles it is called a spiritual anointing.

An anointing, and the larger and more powerful it is, takes a lifetime to grow into, understand and learn to cooperate with to both receive and give out the full benefits that can become available. One evidence of Michael Jackson's anointing was this new energy to draw the races together: liking the same music, thinking better about each other, choosing to live better. Up until his arrival on the music scene black and white America were divided in their music as well as their lives. Michael changed all that for his generation and the next one to come. In that area he was quite successful in his anointing.

Like most people I wondered about the business of so many plastic surgeries to change his appearance and the skin bleaching. He was a handsome man and it left a lot of us scratching our heads as to why he wanted to change his appearance and so drastically at that. Again, as I observed his metamorphosis over the years, I realized on a spiritual level what he was reaching for as he tried to cooperate with his spiritual energy: this neutral state of straddling all the polar opposites. In an awkward way he was trying to create balance in himself by not being totally male or female, black or white.

Unfortunately, by then the drug addiction had grabbed such a hold on him that his thinking was distorted, unable to flow easily with his outrageously over-powering anointing – even for him. Many unspiritual people don’t realize that the more spiritual energy you cultivate, the more you absorb - and the more you must discipline yourself on every level in order to cooperate with it, most especially your thoughts. If not successful it is like trying to grab a roaring tiger by the tail and it bites ferociously.

Photo by frgdr @ flickr

Michael Jackson was just as vulnerable and imperfect as the rest of us. His contributions to music, dance, social issues like hunger and poverty, and most of all, race relations can be counted among his tremendous accomplishments. Had he been able to mature fully in his spiritual anointing it does leave us wondering how he could have influenced humanity to live better? We will never know. The brief time he was here brought the races closer together in America. Let’s not allow that dream to be lost in Time.

Over at Flickr I found 17 really great photos of Michael Jackson, placing a link to them in the sidebar. They are parked over at my photo blog, Visual Insights. The majority of the photos are All Rights Reserved and only allow blogging them not downloading for use.

It was interesting to see how people perceived him. Many are artistic interpretations; others are candid photos of autograph signing, portraits and performances. Enjoy the photos, as I culled the best of what was on Flickr, and think kind thoughts for an entertainer who brought us all a lot of joy into our lives!

Denny Lyon
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