09 June 2009

Video: Interview with Experts Panel About President Obama's Cairo speech and Muslim reaction

Fareed Zakaria, Editor, Newsweek International...GPS host from CNN News Image via Wikipedia

From Denny: Since the Republican war room has been busy trashing Obama with untruths and venom for months, especially the past week leading up to Obama's Mideast trip and speech in Cairo, Eqypt, I thought I'd put up a really great video. This is from the journalistically responsible show of CNN's GPS with Fareed Zakaria (Newsweek's International Editor). He investigates politics like it should be done - instead of the propaganda and marketing hype so common in America the past decade and still ongoing from the toxic elements.

This was fascinating to watch as you hear a lot of facets about the same issue, many viewpoints not covered by our mainstream media and woefully distorted by the conservative screamers who know not of what they speak. None of them get their information first hand in the field by interviewing people on the street as well as the halls of power. They get their information from political handlers to disseminate their latest propaganda.

They don't even fact-check. (Fox "News" is notorious for never fact-checking before running with a story. It's all about gossip and innuendo with them. They are a scourge and an oozing wound on the face of our American society for being so deceptive and untruthful.)

It's been almost a decade since we could freely hear such viewpoints here in America on our airwaves. Ah, a breath of fresh air at last! You go, Fareed, great job, intelligently done!

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