23 June 2009

Video: Bad U.S. Scenarios if Iran Intervention

From Denny: Yet another smart person who understands why America should not try to inject itself into the Iranian political unrest. He and Olbermann discuss the possible scenario outcomes if President Obama did what the Republicans demand.

The Republicans must stand down from their destructive political position. It is becoming increasingly evident they don't care how many lives are lost in Iran if we were to follow their unwise course. Yet again more "wisdom" from the guys who brought us the global economic depression and an unwanted war in Iraq...

Keith Olbermann over at MSNBC is a lot like Fareed Zakaria over at GPS @ CNN - he gets smart people who actually know what they are talking about and allows them to speak for longer than a snappy "me first, vote for me!" political soundbite. They usually are not politicans. Take a look! If, for any reason the video fails to play, just click on the title link to take you directly to the page.

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