26 June 2009

Iran Headlines 26 June 2009

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From Denny: This headline is laughable as Iran's desperate gov't tries to say it was the CIA boogeyman who killed Neda. Sorry, guys, but the whole world knows no CIA agent has been on the ground in Iran since 1979 to gather human intelligence - let alone carry out a killing. Dream on. What happens in your house is your stink this time!

Besides, as far as their logic goes: If the CIA were really behind it their gov't would have fallen long ago and the populace would be armed to the teeth. Neither has happened so this is the usual Arab deceptive misdirection so common in the Middle Eastern culture.

Iranian envoy: CIA involved in Neda's shooting?

From an Arab news network written in English:

Iranian clerics seek supreme leader alternative

Top cleric warns unrest may uproot Iran govt

And from the bizarre world of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela (some of the comments on the story are just as bizarre):

Venezuela accuses "imperial hand" of Iran unrest

Side note about Arab cultureFrance Banning the Burka (which I favor - how else are these cultures going to grow up and come out of the Stone Age unless they see women as more than subhuman?):

Muslim imams say burka not obligatory in Islam

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