24 August 2009

This Weeks Roundup of Sunday Funnies - Afghanistans Run Off Election

... And this is pretty much how WOMEN feel about the TALIBAN interfering in their lives!!

From Denny: Guess you can tell I'm no fan of the idiot group known as the Taliban.

Anyway, I'm not losing any sleep over the criticism about the Taliban from the late night show comics of late. Have at it, boys! :) It's an ultra light roasting today as it is... Where are those scorcher comedians when you need one...? :)

Real Time with Bill Maher

Bill Maher:
So they're going to have a run off election in Afghanistan. that's when the Taliban shows up and everyone runs off.

Late Show

Dave Letterman:
Do you know what's deserted in Washington, D.C? Anybody here from Washington? Look at the shot of the Lincoln Memorial. Get in tight on that. Look at this (shows Lincoln Memorial, pushes into empty chair) everybody's gone, even Abe.

Real Time with Bill Maher

Bill Maher:
That is what American democracy has come down to at town halls: old people and gun nuts, which is a terrible combination. Somebody yelled AK-47, and an old lady yelled bingo.

The Tonight Show

Conan O'Brien:
Critics of the federal stimulus plan say that millions of dollars are being wasted on fixing up bathrooms at our national parks. Yeah, fixing up the bathrooms. Yeah, they may be right, 'cause, this week, they turned Old Faithful into a bidet.

Late Show

Dave Letterman:
90% of all paper money in this country has traces of cocaine. Talk about your stimulus money.

The Daily Show

Barney Frank at town hall:
Ma'am, trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table.

Jon Stewart: It's time for health care town hall, snap! You better hope Blue Cross doesn't consider ugly a pre-existing condition. Oh, damn! Your momma's so dumb she thinks the public option is a port-a-potty.

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