12 August 2009

Video: Wingnut Politics Against Health Care and Olbermann Answers Palin's Idiot Claims of Health Care Death Panel

From Denny: There is about a 2 to 3 day lag time for the media outlets to post the best news videos... they sure are worth the wait! :)

The Republicans have moved way beyond the status of the Right Wing of Politics. With the recent Birther Movement to challenge President Obama's status as an American born in this country by declaring Hawaii isn't really a state (it is and long before Obama was born there) they have now waded into the even more bizarre waters.

Now they are claiming legislation being developed is "going to kill Grandma" before her time by putting her to death by some Death Panel. As usual, they operate on the increasingly wingnut ridiculous for the weak minds out there who already have a few screws lose or they could spot the obvious about these illogical and unreasonable arguments and finally figure out they are being manipulated into believing lies. As usual, when the grab for political power and wealth is involved the truth becomes the first casualty.

The more sensational and outrageous are the Over The Edge and Off The Cliff Politics screamer claims from the Republicans the more the media enjoys "the fray of raucous politics" as they call it. In my book it's just plain stupid politics of whiners throwing temper tantrums because they can't get their own way and continue to promote hate, racism, greed and lies. The majority of America has said, "Enough!" and voted Obama into the White House.

Here's what Olbermann had to say about the scorched earth politics quitter, now former Republican Governor, Sarah Palin's idiot claims about health care's new Death Panel to put us all to death if we don't measure up. Hmmm... could this be a prophecy? Maybe the Republicans are thinking of doing this to anyone who votes Democrat? Democrats don't even think like this perversion. Usually, the first person to put it out there as a claim is the perverted one hoping "he who lies first gets believed." Now there's a strategy...

There's more over at Dennys Global Politics for follow-up news post and video (Video: Palin Ordered Her Own Health Care Death Panels on the Alaskan Elderly), go here.

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