11 August 2009

25 Weird Coffee Trivia to Astound and Amuse You

25 Weird Coffee Trivia to Astound and Amuse You

By Denny Lyon @ HubPages

From Denny: Wrote this fun piece a couple of days ago. I had more fun reading up on coffee history and, I guess with too much coffee in me, started writing amusing commentary to pair with it. Decided to turn my pleasure reading and some research into an article so all my online friends could enjoy laughing out loud with me.

Who knew reading bits and pieces of world and ancient history could be so much fun? Found some awesome coffee photos to go with it too, wow! the folks over at flickr outdid themselves in Creative Commons.

Just click on the title link to take you to the awesome article!

Thanks for visiting - and definitely THANK YOU for all your support!!!

Photo by allygirl520 @ flickr
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