07 August 2009

Libations Friday! 7 August 2009

Featured today: Great historical, sometimes hysterical, coffee trivia, funny video using rap words to sell a car, original poem about how our words create our life.


How well do you know your coffee trivia?

* In Europe how was coffee first known? Arabian Wine

* When did milk in your coffee become popular? It was recommended by a French physician in the 1680’s as café au lait for medicinal purposes. (And we have been following his prescription ever since in Louisiana all these centuries later!)

* When did the first Parisian café open serving coffee? 1689

* What famous classical composer wrote a coffee cantata in 1732? Bach

* By 1763 in Venice just how many coffee shops had sprung up? Over 200

* We all studied America history about the Boston Tea Party where the ticked off colonists were angry about the heavy tea tax imposed on us in 1773 and dumped chests of tea into the Boston harbor. What new custom became an expression of freedom after that? Drinking coffee.

* During the American Revolution where did the founding fathers secretly meet to form their national strategies? Coffeehouses.

* What is consumed so much in the United States that it represents 75% of all caffeine consumed? Coffee

* By the time of the Civil War in the United States what suddenly became a newly issued food ration to the soldiers because of its popularity? Coffee beans

* By 1900 what could you expect to be delivered to your door in the United States by horse-pulled wagons besides blocks of ice? Coffee.

* How do Italians regard the drinking of expresso? For them it is a separate event, given a special time of celebration and not drunk during meals.

* What is regulated by the Italian government because it is considered essential to the quality of daily life? Expresso.

* In the ancient Arab world women often did not fare well under the law. What law allowed them to separate from their husbands if he did not do one thing for his wife? His number was up legally if he refused to produce coffee for his wife. Moral of that story: If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy?

* Other than brewing coffee as we know it how do they like coffee in Africa? They soak the raw coffee beans in water and spices and chew on them like yummy candy!


On to the poetry section of today’s post!
First this amusing video of spoken poetry, rhyme and music to show the importance of how we use our words. Enjoy!

***** Original poem & great photos @ flickr *****

Life of Words

Paper poem words photo by giuvax @ flickr

Words give Life

Halting words of a shy speech maker
Harassing words of a haranguing bully
Stumbling words of a hero mustering courage
Fighting words of stubborn not changing

Dali face time photo by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino23 @ flickr

Words change Life

Promising words of agreeing politicians
Deceptive words of pledging marketers
Comforting words of caring pastor
Angry words of spiritual rebellion

Awesome photo by Torley @ flickr

Words inspire Life

Wounded words of sadly abused
Healing words of gratefully cured
Hurting words of bickering spouses
Soothing words of negotiating peace makers

Go photo by ali Edwards @ flickr

Words grow Life

Love photo by erin MC hammer @ flickr



Mirror images

Denny Lyon
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All Rights Reserved

Coffee photo collage by once and future @ flickr

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