03 August 2009

Video: Obama's Aides Cautious Over Economy

From Denny: Meet The Press was interesting this Sunday. This video gives a snippet of what was discussed. In the end, only about 10% of the stimulus money has been spent because it takes so long to get going on a big project. Considering the inherited mess from the Republicans who don't believe in government, a slowing down of the rushing freight train metaphor for our chaotic economy is a good sign. We still need to keep up the pressure on the brakes. So far the Republicans have yet to offer much in the way of substance in place of crankiness. Somehow, their credibility on good decisions does not carry any weight in this country. "Ya think?" :)

National Economic Council Director Larry Summers talks with David Gregory of NBC's Meet The Press about the state of the beleagured U.S. economy.

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