13 August 2009

Video: The WHOLE Truth That Happened at the McCaskill Racist Town Hall Meeting

From Denny: As usual the media doesn't show the news clip with the whole story, therefore creating prejudice and feeding into inaccurate views: yellow journalism. Now the truth is coming out about the health care town hall meeting in Missouri with Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill. What everyone saw on the national news is a black woman being "escorted" out, OK, actually she was dragged out by a mob of police; the white people overwhelmingly and enthusiastically cheered her removal.

The black woman and her friend were booed by the room of white people when they came in and sat down with posters. When a journalist asked what was on the poster to elicit such booing and beratement they went to unroll the poster to show the reporter and that's when it happened. What this uncut unedited video proves is that she was attacked by an angry white man who got out of his chair, crossed the aisle and came from her blind spot as she was sitting in her chair with a poster on her lap. HE attacked her! What did the police do? They saw her go to retrieve her poster while the white-haired white man was tearing it up into shreds out of sheer spite.

Who gave him the right to destroy her property in a public place? Who is this guy? Why did a rush of police go to drag her out of the meeting when it was clear she was attacked? Why did only one, count them, one police officer half-heartedly and gently escort the white man away from the scene? Did they arrest him for attacking the black woman? Missouri must be one seriously racist and arrogant state. Glad I don't live there.

Shock of shocks: Even Louisiana isn't that stupid and mean-spirited as the Midwestern part of our country has become. Everyone talks about the South being so horribly racist; looks like the Midwest has taken over that "honor" and beauty queen tiara title. These people should be ashamed of themselves for denying a woman the right to own a poster.

What drugs are they on? Better yet: What drugs do they need to be on for such bizarre excessive belligerance and violence? Sounds like a need for mood enhancers like used for acute depression. Is that what all this racism in the country is really about: mentally ill people who have gone untreated for decades?

So what was the poster? Are you ready for the shocking truth? It was a photo of little ol' lady Rosa Parks. That's it. You have got to be kidding me! No kidding; these folks in Missouri are whacked in the head for that kind of over reaction to a poster. Remember the whole room applauded what that one guy did so they are as guilty and as weird by association - and approval of clear wrong-doing.

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