10 August 2009

This Weeks Roundup of Sunday Funnies: Sotomayors Time Has Come - Deport Lou Dobbs and #1 Viral Video

From Denny: Looks like I missed one of these after all. Now that Sotomayor has finally been sworn in to the High Court she has the last laugh! Lou Dobbs has been weird of late, wondering if he thinks being controversial gets him attention or if he is going the way of Heston's onset of dementia... Letterman had a good one about Cheney's NetFlix picks of the week.

The Tonight Show

Jay Leno:
If confirmed, [Sonia Sotomayor] would be the country's first Hispanic judge. In fact, her first order of business, deporting Lou Dobbs.

Real Time

Bill Maher:
Rush and his ilk have come up with a name for the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court, "Reverse Racist." She's a racist and someone has to stop her because for too long, white men have been kept down by powerful Puerto Rican women.

Late Night

Jimmy Fallon:
Have you heard about North Korea? They've detonated an underground nuclear weapon today, so I guess they'll be ready if they're ever attacked by gophers.

Late Show

David Letterman:
Don't forget to check out Dick Cheney's Netflix picks of the week. Dick recommends: "Casino Royale," "Marathon Man," and "Lethal Weapon.

The Tonight Show

Jay Leno:
Last night at a fund-raiser in Beverly Hills, people paid $30,000 to attend a a dinner and a discussion with President Barack Obama. $30,000. The subject of the discussion? The struggling economy.

Clown Photo by I'm Fantastic @ flickr

And still the number one viral video globally: The joyful Wedding Dance video of Jill & Kevin Heinz. For those of us who are spiritually observant, did you notice how when the dancers crossed the threshold into the church sanctuary that suddenly there was this powerful zap of spiritual energy that changed the dancing and countenance of the dancers? In America it's considered odd to dance in church but in Israel they "joyfully dance before the Lord" in their synagogues, cool! This video will put a smile on your face no matter how many times you view it.

Have a good Monday, everyone and thanks for visiting!

Jill And Kevin Heinz - Amazing Funny Wedding Dance Video - Full Version - video powered by Metacafe

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