22 August 2009

Just Some Poetry.

Just Some Poetry.

by akeejaho @ HubPages

From Denny: From Denny: I found this as a wonderful poem expressing a husband's love for his wife. The husband suffers from bipolar depression so he deeply understands how profoundly his wife's love affects him positively and appreciates her. (What every woman wants to hear!)

This is a delightful take on how to write love poetry from a completely different angle without the usual greeting card mushiness. Here's the comment I left for the author: "I'm always up for an unconventional take on love poetry and this little gem of a poem takes the prize. Awesome how you contrast inner and outer light, talking on two levels simultaneously, delivered with utter directness and simplicity, well done!"

Photo by AmahRa58 @ flickr

men and women, relationships, poetry, husband and wife, writing exercise, bipolar depression, love poetry
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