17 October 2009

This Weeks Editorial Cartoons 17 Oct 2009

From Denny: The cartoonists have had plenty to lampoon this week! The ongoing struggle to get decent health insurance without going broke and Wall Street still making record money and breaking the 10,000 mark again indicating nothing has changed.

Fox News still holds the dubious honor of being heralded as the infamous Liars' News (make sure you go to Digg social site and bury every one of their stories just for some Halloween tricking fun!).

The Swine Flu season is upon us way ahead of time and blowhard Rush Limbaugh thinks he can buy an NFL football team. Prez Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and there is a whole lot of boo-hooing from the jealous spiteful Republicans. The jobs market continues to swing up and down with the dubious economy and one final lampoon at the Iranian regime.

Lots of fun for today "and a good time was had by All!" Enjoy!

Insurance companies and Wall Street:

Swine Flu season of fashion:

Jobs market:

Battling the Liars Press from Fox News:

Reaction from all peculiar quarters about President Obama awarded the Nobel Peace Prize:

More views on the Afghanistan War:

Rush Limbaugh a.k.a "who you wonder if he is an imitation human being" as surely no one could really be this plastic. No one was too thrilled he was trying to buy a football team this week.

Awarded Nobel Prize for Weirdest Liar:

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