02 October 2009

Libations Friday! 2 October 2009

From Denny: This poem was a wild ride! It's just as well since I wanted to talk about the writing process and the restlessness that goes along with the sometimes strenuous capture of rambling thoughts turning into vision, sharpening the focus on our vision and then releasing the words to tumble out in a torrent onto the page.

The easy writes are when you get a catchy phrase in your head that gives you a visual and then you add a few related ideas or actions and the poem is off and running along at a wonderful pace, easy to finish and easy to illustrate.

This one? Are you kidding? It was a real behavior problem: elusive, stubborn, playing hide and seek at every turn. It got to the point I had to cheerlead myself with the words, "Just seven more lines to finish." With the counter, "But how many lines have we already done? Are we on the home stretch?" If I had not organized contact photos on the page of how I wanted the poem to progress line by line to keep me focused, I doubt this poem would be out in the world this soon! :)

Writing can get like that; there are those rare times when you just can't seem to corral it, especially when it is about something as intangible as the process of writing from the inner levels. What kept me going were the awesome photos I found on flickr. They helped shape and define the poem with what the poem meant to reveal. I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I do!


Eyeing Think Time

The energy in my swirling mind

Scribbles furiously lighting up the dark

The powerful pens pump streams of ink

Dancing faster pace, designing the page

My vision swells up in brilliant bold color

Painting my fertile imagination with delight

My sight foresees what will come in measure

Building the tension and anguish to deliver

Simple it was when first I tripped over the thought

Now it perches on my nose too close to see or touch

Squirming, twisting, constantly restless, gestating the write

Tumbling idea words pushing against my head

Snarling to be heard in the dazzling light yet detour

Escaping to dark places, slithering perilous crevices

Wondering if we dip in paint pale ghosts of ourselves

Unlocking beautiful painful things alive in our hearts

Refreshing old soul wisdom awakens to guide us on our way

Glowing amber coals of thought varnishing the write

Bursting through to glimpse the haloed oval light

My stretching vision leafing details like a secret lettered on a page

Onlooker to rambling thoughts racing to gather as a musing crowd

Drifting in the stillness word winds start singing from the silence

Lifting words to dizzying heights fluttering on the watcher wings

Mystically riveted into one sharp sight

Denny Lyon
Copyright 1 October 2009
All Rights Reserved


Photo Credits

And when you write a poem, I know the words photo by You Don’t Love Me Yet @ flickr

Light writing photo by madmarv004 @ flickr

Pens photo by pigpogm @ flickr

The Infamy of a Story Never Told (Dali lives!) Photo by Felipe Morin @ flickr

Wild neon eye photo by dreamglow @ flickr

Paisley eye Photo by dreamglow @ flickr

Grunge eye photo by dreamglow @ flickr

See me sweat Photo by ardenswayoflife (The Netherlands) @ flickr

Child’s eye Photo by peasap (California, USA)@ flickr

Cicada between my eyes Photo by OakleyOriginals @ flickr

I love a wild thing! Photo by helgasms! @ flickr

Her blue eyes photo by Ranoush (Egypt) @ flickr

Tiger blue eyes Photo by TakenBy Tina (Canada) @ flickr

Snake eyes photo by Care_SMC (Oklahoma, USA) @ flickr

Woman with Gray Eyes and Red Lipstick photo by Pink Sherbet Photography @ flickr

New Years eye photo by pareeerica (Australia) @ flickr

Old thoughtful eyes of an elephant photo by Felix Francis (India) @ flickr

Amber eye photo by lupinehorror (Scotland, United Kingdom) @ flickr

Fish eye lens photo by Il Conte de Luna (Italy) @ flickr

Lid (eye) understretch photo by DerrickT (Georgia, USA) @ flickr

Rainbow eyes Photo by Lin Pernille ♥ Photography @ flickr

The Expansive Relationship of Two Individuals as An Independent One Photo by DerrickT @ flickr (Georgia, USA)

Butterfly eyes photo by me’nthedogs (United Kingdom) @ flickr

Two eyes are one Photo by ViaMoi (Canada) @ flickr
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