23 October 2009

Happy Birthday to The Social Poets Blog, Angels Bridge Poem for Libations Friday 23 Oct 2009

*** If you like stories about real life angel experiences, then this is a must read!

From Denny: Tomorrow on the 24th, The Social Poets blog is officially one year old! Nothing like toddler status in the blogosphere. :) This was my first blog before spinning off all the others with various themes. I decided to keep adding more and more humorous quotes when the economy got chaotic, knowing people need to laugh and laugh often. This birthday cake animation was so much fun I just had to use it too - it's a free download.

It's funny when I sat down to write this poem yesterday I had three poems in my head at one time. It seems this one won out for first debut! It's been bouncing around in my head since I read another angel poem from a friend, Mystic Dave (link to his blog is under area of Link Love). People seem to enjoy poems and short stories that involve angels. So, here's one of what I call a story poem to celebrate my first year anniversary of writing The Social Poets and dedicated to my angelic friends who inspire and protect me daily!

Angels Bridge

An old stranger walked up to me in the grocery store and started talking.

Strange people come up and talk to me all the time like they have known me for years.

OK, it happens a lot lately, don’t know why, but Life intersects and I go with the flow.

He seemed to have so much to say and so I gave him a long listen.

Mostly, he asked deep and thoughtful questions in a running monologue.

At first, I have to admit, I thought he might be experiencing dementia.

Who comes up to you and starts off with such observant questions?

He complained aloud, Why is it people support and chase after the powerful?

I wondered silently about the gossip media and others who profit from people watching.

Do they vote for them because they believe they will gain a lavish lifestyle too?

He had my attention and my thoughts turned to the follower mentality in politics.

Do they align themselves with the rich and powerful, hoping that suddenly elevates them?

My mind went to wannabes of all kinds and stripes in society: fawning social climbers.

The animated old man began to answer his own questions as I remained silent.

The powerful will always step on the vulnerable to gain even more power.

He continued, The powerful will always use the weak, promising the share of power, only to deny it in the end when most desired.

By then, I was drawn in and wondering where he was going with all this.

His questions stabbed the air with force. Why chase after a mirage?

Why give your power away in the mistaken belief it will make you more powerful?

Why is it so few respect the Truth? Why is it so many turn away from the Truth?

I had pondered those very same questions myself. Had he read my mind?

The old man peered deeper into my eyes, wanting me to remember his words.

He chuckled as he pulled back a bit from his intensity, knowing I was not sure of him.

Sure, he remarked casually, the Truth stings our silly egos at times but at a small price.

Why not honor and chase after the Truth with the same fervor as chasing after riches?

Then his face grew serious, his voice quiet to deliver his most important teaching.

Truth leads to Wisdom. Wisdom teaches how to wield power and wealth to benefit All.

The path to Life’s balance, he insisted, is this: Honor, Truth and Wisdom.

He stepped away silently while the atmosphere around me was thick with awareness.

I turned around as I awoke to the present but he was no longer there in the food store.

Then I wondered almost aloud if I had just had a waking vision of an angel.

No, loudly whispered on the wind with a chuckle, I was really there!

Denny Lyon
Copyright 23 October 2009
All Rights Reserved

*** Thanks for visiting, everyone, and have a great weekend!

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