24 October 2009

Editorial Cartoons This Week 24 Oct 2009

From Denny: Today, one year ago, I began The Social Poets blog, and what a year it has been! What started off as a humble effort to park some art photos, wonderful inspiring and thoughtful quotes, and personal spiritual poetry with a little news, politics and humor mushroomed into a blogging monster of 12 blogs now, some with companion pages to total 18. :)

Initially, I did start writing so much as a way to finish waking up and retraining my brain after an elderly man on meds passed out briefly and rammed into my sitting car at 50 mph. While I saw him coming, I was boxed in and could only prepare for impact. Took a full nine months for my brain to wake up and things were still shaky for a while thereafter while the brain was healing itself. It's been an almost 3 year odyssey of recovery and am totally healed now, even of the nerve pain.

I also started this blog, wondering if my brain would ever shut down like that again without warning, and then all that I had learned would never be known or shared, much of it spiritual. A lot of spirituality is coded into the poetry to give people's spirits something to linger and chew on long after the mind has read it and moved on.

Anyway, thank you, everyone, and subscribers, for visiting so often and offering your support! You have no idea how much your support is so much appreciated, thanks again! OK, enough of the mushy stuff and on to the funny lampooning of the week...

From Denny: OK, everyone, keep your eyes peeled for the latest craziness and greed going on in American culture!

Liars News as a lousy excuse for respectable journalism

Health Care and Swine Flu: Call me suspicious but the longer this swine flu epidemic goes on, the more I'm wondering what it is the drug companies, the doctors and the government are not telling us. There is just something hinky about this whole business.

On the flip side, if it is true this is not really a flu but rather some deadly disease that escaped from some alphabet soup named government agency or vendor, then it would be wise for everyone they suggest to get vaccinated to do so. Obviously, they know something and are not telling in order to avoid panic.

Something this contagious, you might as well do one of two things with your children: get them vaccinated or start home schooling and keep them away from crowds until this outbreak finishes in a year or so.

The Bush Depression created the jobs chaos and jobless "recovery." You really wonder what drugs these economists are taking:

Afghanistan and rigged elections:

The usual lineup of greedy suspects making merry while the economy teeters on the edge:

*** Keep laughing, everyone, and thanks for visiting! Have a great weekend!

*** For more laughs, google my Cheeky Quote Day segments on this blog and check out more funny quotes over at another blog where I park what I enjoy, Dennys Funny Quotes.
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