09 October 2009

Libations Friday! 9 October 2009

*** The Paradox Dilemma: Whether we own our house or the house owns us! :)

From Denny: Lately, I've been watching too much HGTV House Hunters International that I think I'm beginning to "channel" it. :) Seriously though, it did get me thinking overview wise of humanity in general when it comes to building a home.

Then I went cruising through the Flickr database and had too much fun finding these awesome and unusual photos. Try plugging in a search over there for "houses" and you will pull up over 300,000 photos. After wading through over 2,000 photos these were the winners for you today.

The poem was sparked by the house hunting programs and then refined as I found some most curious house photos that revealed the owners' desires and intent for what they wanted to create in the world and for their lives. Then the poem was off and running! Enjoy the wonderful art photos.

Hunting Our Home

It’s our nature to make a home for ourselves
Dividing the inner space for comfort
Designing the outer armor for show
Cultivating a garden to complement and rest

We wonder about what the other guy has...
Where do they live?
How do they live?
Why did they choose what they did?

We travel the world exploring
Opening doors and entering novel rooms

Crowding into our heads fresh ways to see
Different places and distinctive faces

Look at all the extraordinary people
Their houses speak their owners’ intent

The wealthy build grand gleaming palaces
Strutting their status in society and imagined worth

The homes point the way desire travels

Sometimes wealth can seep corruption

And old houses reflect unintended decay

Perversion builds a home destroyed by atom bomb tests

Old status homes descend down to the haunted
Playgrounds for today’s Halloween children

Some remain abandoned for centuries obsolete

Others live abundantly well-loved in lush fields

Still others thrive most elegantly aloof

While some cling to live ruggedly remote

Others perform the dance of the cliffs most modern

While others melt grinning into their environment

A few joyfully proclaim themselves, unabashed
While others choose another intentional life

One chooses outward memorials to those now gone

While another chooses inward Hopi contemplation

Some chose to cultivate isolated serenity

Some visit simplicity in the warming sun

Some blend home with garden in delight

Some soar their intellect with imagination

We continue walking through this thing called Life

Always poking through the hedges to see more

Remembering our houses, our homes, our creations

Are truly, while growing and changing, are but fishers of men

Denny Lyon
Copyright 9 October 2009
All Rights Reserved

Thanks for visiting, everyone! Have a great weekend!

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Photo Credits

Houses in Vlissingen (Holland) photo by Pingu1963 @ flickr

Rococo-style stone house in Guadalajara Mexico photo by Wonderlane @ flickr

Ornate green door photo by Señor Codo @ flickr

Inner room photo by wili_hybrid @ flickr

New Orleans French Quarter "Miltenberger House" house photo by David Paul Ohmer @ flickr

Dragon weather vane photo by James Jordan @ flickr

Twilight storm photo by James Jordan @ flickr

Rundown house photo by just_a_name_thingi e @ flickr

Atomic bomb test house (Nevada, USA) photo by itjournalist @ flickr

Haunted house on the hill photo by country_boy_shane @ flickr

Lonely Ireland house Photo by dingbat2005 @ flickr

Canola fields house photo by Paraflyer @ flickr

Yellow Brazil house Photo by tipiro @ flickr

Trail house photo by bwhistler @ flickr

Modern west coast cliff house photo by pnwra @ flickr

Stone house in Portugal photo by Jsome1 @ flickr

Striped house in Portugal photo by pedrosimoes @ flickr

The Cross House on Chesnut Street (Chicago, Illinois, USA) photo by Señor Codo @ flickr

Hopi house photo by Al_HikesAZ @ flickr

Little isolated house photo by Fr Antunes @ flickr

A house on the beach photo by fotografar @ flickr

Town House, Chinon Photo by *Susie* @ flickr

Little Red House on Pine Planet Photo by visulogik @ flickr

Live oaks walkway at Oak Alley Plantation photo by David Paul Ohmer @ flickr

Garden walk photo by oseillo @ flickr

White House photo by dcJohn @ flickr

Fisherman from Portugal photo by pedrosimoes @ flickr
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