29 October 2009

Video: Sellout Journalist Stossel Helps Sell Anti-Health Reform For Puppetmaster Lobbyists

From Denny: If ever there was an incident to prove President Obama's point that Fox News is not a news station this new development is it. The anti-health care reform lobbyists have hired Stossel to sell their diatribe against quality health care for single mothers, children, people diagnosed with catastrophic illnesses and the list goes on. This guy Stossel is a disgrace both to his profession and humanity.

Fox News actually thinks Stossel has even stroke with the public to be believable. What drugs are they taking? Better yet, why is Stossel drinking the kool-aid? Gee, "do ya think" it's all about the bottom line: money? Oh, yeah. What decent reputation Stossel once had as a journalist just evaporated. If there's one thing in life you never sell out it's your integrity and reputation.

Big Business still doesn't "get it." They can be as greedy as they want but it still doesn't mean the public is actually stupid enough to go along with it. Even the former Bushies are losing their jobs and having their homes foreclosed. If they don't "get it" now what I "get" is those same negative nagger forces don't have the time any more to be so destructive supporting wrong and amorality. They are job hunting and scrabbling for housing just like everyone else now. Take a listen to what Maddow is reporting about the Fox's and Big Businesses' latest crime offensive against the American people:

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