01 October 2009

Video: Applaud the Democrat Who is Defiant Over Die Quickly Comment

From Denny: Let me see if I understand this correctly... This guy speaks the truth about how the Republicans are denying health care where the end result is that 45,000 people a year die because they can't afford to get help. So, the Republicans want this Dem to apologize for incendiary remarks? You have got to be kidding.

The Republicans have launched an all out war trying to get some unbalanced person to go and attempt to assassinate President Obama and they want an apology? The latest is the murder poll on Facebook which it took the Secret Service to order them to take it down. And you wonder why sane people don't hang out at Facebook?

They've been running a dastardly pysch poll over there since March. The study they are running is evident they are searching for weak minds and they want to see how far they can go to manipulate them. I left as soon as I saw what was going on. Note: They don't allow you to delete your account, only suspend it. Sweet. These people are a nasty bunch running Facebook.

Of course, there's more from conservative talk radio and letters to the editor, newspaper ads, flyers to your home, photoshoped video on YouTube, you name it. The media is choking on death threats against Obama, as they have risen over 400% since he took office.

It's time we all start calling down these jerks who think it's OK to incite unbalanced people to go out and kill someone. They need to be prosecuted just as if they pulled the trigger. It just goes to show you that big business is backing all this. Where there is money at stake, the greedy will ruthlessly do anything.

Update @ 5 PM thanks to a reader from newsy.com, that discusses the internet uproar over this facebook poll. Here's the video they are running:

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