10 October 2009

This Weeks Editorial Cartoons 10 October 2009

From Denny: First up for this week's commentary cartoons is the subject of health care.

Moving right along to swine flu season:

A couple of words about the state of health of most Americans:

This week should have been named NumbSkull week as there was quite a rash of stupid going on in America - NumbSkull #1 at Acorn:

NumbSkull #2 called TV host David Letterman who outted himself for having multiple affairs with staffers while married because he was too cheap to pay off the extortionist:

NumbSkull #3 with her best-seller book she didn't write:

NumbSkull #4, the supposed leader, who is useless with this Afghan War:

NumbSkull #5, I don't know who is worse, Polanski or the idiots who support him:

Those annoying guys in Wall Street:

The reason those guys on Wall Street are so annoying:

The plague of American society:

Ah, the emotional maturity of the crazed American football fan:

Thanks for visiting! And hey! If it's America, politics and there are still cartoonists alive to lampoon it all, stay tuned!
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