31 March 2009

Our Planets Disappearing Drinking Water

By Yogi @ flickr, a Canadian photographer, of beautiful Canada

Our Planets Disappearing Drinking Water:

"Scarce Drinking Water

Do you take your drinking water for granted? Water companies deliver it daily. It's inexpensive and readily available - but for how long?"

By Denny Lyon

From Denny: I found a lot of exquisitely beautiful photography to go with the information on this article. It's more interesting than you would think to write about something so simple yet so needed, what we all have in common in life: water.

Note: For any of you who are using this Zemanta software for posting, it just underlined my last name of Lyon. So, out of curiosity I clicked on it and sure enough it takes you to the ancient homeland of my family name: Lyon, France. One of these days I will visit!

Of course, the family made a stop off in Scotland along the way of getting chased out of France about 20 years before the French Revolution. Seems there was a bit of a dust-up with the three Lyon brothers aristocrats trying to convince the King he ought to allow the regular folks a voice in their government. Guess the family finally wore thin on the French king and he banished them.

Of course, then they wore thin on the British king too. Two of the brothers went on to America immediately but my stubborn ancestor and his 16-year-old son decided to stay and make a nuisance of themselves. Something about my 16-year-old ancestor killing the Crown's tax collector. Now that's a real ooops! moment... His older brother sneaked him out of Scotland and on a boat to America. Probably with the admonition: "Go bother your uncles in Boston." The fire brand became part of the American Revolution.

Genealogy can be such a great resource for colorful stories. I always get a charge out of other people's stories of their ancestors. People. You gotta love 'em!

(Scratching my head... now what did all this have to do with an article on water...? Absolutely nothing! It IS Cheeky Wednesday coming up tomorrow... That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

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