23 March 2009

The Dancing Man

Matt Harding around the world known as The Dancing Man. Photo by jonklinger @ flickr

From Denny: From my friend, Christoph over at his blog, The Crusty Curmudgeon, comes a delightful post about how Joy can transform your life if only for a moment - and how long lasting that wonderful feeling really can linger beyond your expectations.

Check out this amusing post from a tough New York City writer:

"It’s a different kind of day here in The Curmudgeon Offices, as, for a change, we are reporting on a happy story. That’s instead of my normal negativity and cynical observations and thinly veiled sexual references. Today, we are celebrating The Dancing Man. First we walked the walk, then talked the talk, and now we are dancing the dance. And it is a delightful, goofy dance...

... Take a look at it. It is short and captivating. I called a full-staff meeting this morning and showed everyone the video, and then I did the dance for them. They loved it of course, to see the big boss being so silly, but they wanted to do the dance too. And they did."

By Christoph Reilly @ The Crusty Curmudgeon


And for more of that good feeling, here's a "post again" from last week:

The Joy Makers: Feel the Love:

"Improv group brings joy to surprised thousands

Stop here for free joy, hugs, love and a happiness high that will last for days!" 9 videos featured to lift your spirits for sure!

By Denny Lyon

From Denny: For just a little while, forget about job loss, the economy and all your worries. These funny videos done by some terrific improvisation folks is well worth the laughing time!

I pulled them all together into one article as your go-to place when you need cheering up from a lousy day or when your thoughts turn to depression. There is no way to stay depressed after watching these great YouTube videos.

Photo by -Gep- @ flickr
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