06 March 2009

Thank you to new Feed subscribers!

A hearty hello and welcome for all the newest folks taking The Social Poets feed, thank you! Glad to have you here in my little community.

Feel free to suggest ideas or improvements. I'm always fine tuning this blog and the others as well as I'm coming up on four months of blogging. I did manage to finally say goodbye to some of my gadgets on this blog in the effort to make the page load faster for you. If you miss anything in particular, speak up and I can always retrieve it.

Also, I installed the Google Translate if you require translation into your own language. I can't vouch for how good a job it does; you will have to tell me. In fact, I welcome it if you would drop me a line, especially if it translates as confusion.

Again, welcome! Put up your feet and stay a while!

Take care this weekend,


Photo by John-Morgan @ flickr
(I like to help promote my fellow photographers over at flickr that are in the Creative Commons area. They are a generous bunch who make their photos available to online writers like me: thank you!)
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